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Poker Stack Situations in Sit and Go

Our poker stack is an important consideration in a poker game, especially where a sit and go tournament is concerned. Here are different poker stack situations we may find ourselves in and what to do about them.

We may find ourselves having short poker stack supply. This is the most uncomfortable poker stack situation possible especially if we want to see the flop or pursue a hit or draw at the turn. For instance, it may be that we can only pay for 5 big blinds which may get more costly as the game progresses. Our option here is to steal the blinds to replenish our poker stack supply to avoid seeing a flop with only half the stack we need.

Another remedy here is to try going all-in using an ace and a top card. We may also opt to use any pair before the flop if no bets have been made so far pre-flop. If we play from a late position and find ourselves short of poker stack we just go all-in with a pair of 10 or something higher if no one is in the pot. Even getting at least in third place means we have enough poker stack.

If we find ourselves with medium poker stack the situation is not as urgent as the above. Yet, we must try to gather more poker stack gradually, so as not to be too obvious. A poker player running out of stack is a negative sign. Avoid challenges and major confrontations except when we have something really substantial to show for it. And remember to keep in mind that we want first place, not second or third. This helps to be disciplined with our poker stack supply.

Say we have an ideal poker stack situation---we have a huge stack and we are the chip leader at the table. We can then play the bully at the table. If, say, we have 8,000 chips and others have something in the vicinity of 2,000, and the blinds are around 200 to 400, the strategy is to madly go after the blinds. Be extra careful but be aggressive. No one would dare call our bets. They need to keep us putting something in the pot.

Thus, we see how crucial poker stack supply is in a sit and go tournament - and any poker game for that matter. We should know what good thing to do with any poker stack situation we find ourselves in.