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The Mysteriousness of Poker Pro Ellix Powers Leads to Success

In most cases, it is easy to gather information about poker professionals because they love to talk about their lives, most especially when they reminisce those days when they first played poker. Even physicians, lawyers, and engineers who have shifted to becoming poker professionals are eager to share their life stories. And those who have rags-to-riches lives are more than willing to relate their successful stories. But not all poker professionals are always willing to talk about their lives. One of the successful poker professionals who have always remained mysterious is Ellix Powers. No one really knows a lot about his life, like where he comes from or how he learned to play poker. But one thing we all know about Ellix Powers is that he has been showcasing an outstanding talent in poker ever since his appearance in the poker world.

There are rumors that Ellix Powers used to be a homeless and alcoholic guy until one day he decided to try his luck by playing at a casino. Lucky for him, he won a big cash prize and that was the end of his being homeless. But no one really knows for sure if such story is true or not. Ellix Powers does not even confirm or deny such rumor. He just refuses to talk about it.

What we only know about Ellix Powers is the talent and the behavior that he projects at poker tables. As soon as he appears at a tournament, poker players and fans always observe his behavior because they don't want to miss the stunt that he will be pulling next a stunt that makes him succeed in his games most of the time.

Despite his mysteriousness, his antics that are described as bizaare, and his attitude that is described as erratic, Ellix Powers is a poker professional who has the capability of defeating some of the big names in the industry. Sometimes, poker professionals are shocked to see such a poor-groomed and poor-mannered guy beat them. And whenever he emerges triumphant, he just starts to brag about being unemployed for several months prior to being involved in the poker industry. You might wonder what his intention is for always saying that. What he is trying to say is that one does not have to be a lawyer or a doctor in order to be a successful poker player.

Between 2002 and 2007, Ellix Powers has had several money finishes and won first prize several times. The first time he became a first placer was on March 7, 2004 when he joined the Winnin' O the Green tournament. The amount he took home was US$27,335. After two days, this poker professional once again joined the Winnin' O the Green tournament and for the second time became a first placer, taking home US$19,200. He also won US$10,476 when he placed first in the Spring Pot of Gold Tournament on June 11, 2004.

Despite the fact that we don't really know a lot about him, there are numerous articles about him published in gambling periodicals and on online poker magazines due to his success in playing poker. Well, it surely seems like his mysteriousness has made him popular.