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Mentally Preparing for Longhanded Sit and Gos

Long handed sit and go Poker tournament matches are among the most profitable, and at the same time, most difficult variants of the game that you can play. Quite often, players lose out, not because they do not know the strategy, but rather due to their inability to mentally cope with the game.

If you want to play in long handed sit and go Poker, you need to recognize the importance of mental preparation. First of all, even before you begin, you must accept that there will be a lot of challenges ahead. There will hundreds of players participating, and that with differing skills and temperaments, can affect your game.

Even before you play sit and go Poker, this is something that you have to prepare for. The last thing that you want to be is surprised and frustrated at the players that you face. Being flustered is something that you cannot afford to find yourself in at Poker,

Second, you must know that in tournaments, not only will your preparation be long and hard, but that for the most part you will not be able to win in a majority of them, at lest in your first few tries. It will be very frustrating for a player, especially one who is playing in a long handed sit and go Poker tourney for the first time, to just miss out on the money after playing for hours.

Keep in mind that you will be playing in a lot of Poker tourneys, and that all it will take is one or two wins to make up for all the frustrations that you experienced in the other matches. However, to win, you must learn how to concentrate, and this includes having the ability to focus on the event that you are going to play in now, rather than dwell on what had happened in the past.

This is the pitfall of a lot of players; not winning or making money in tournaments gets them frustrated and they lose focus. You cannot let this happen to you. You can be focused by, as suggested, being realistic in your approach, knowing that you will not win every match you participate in.

The complex nature of Poker means that only those who have the mental fortitude can play the game successfully, both in cash and tournament plays. Fortunately, it is a skill that can be learned.

It is simply a matter of having the right mental outlook. By having the proper mindset, you will be able to not just compete but win in long handed sit and go Poker tournaments.