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The Career of Rafael Furst in the Poker Industry

Rafael Furst is one of those professional poker players who first experienced success as an entrepreneur before eventually becoming interested in playing professional poker. Let's take a look at his life as an entrepreneur and as a professional poker player. Furthermore, let's take a look at the impact of professional poker player Phil Gordon on the life of Rafael Furst in the world of poker.

Poker may not have been the first love of Rafael Furst. Nevertheless, he has been exposed to such casino game and to gambling in general at a very young age. When he was only five years old, his grandfather would always challenge him to such games as gin rummy. He eventually learned to play poker in high school, and it was during his junior year in high school when he started to play serious poker. When he reached college, his poker skills improved until he decided to conduct poker events with his friends.

Despite the fact that his love for poker started at an early age, Rafael Furst always thought that poker was only a hobby. He continued studying until he earned a Bachelor's degree in symbolic systems as well as a Master's degree in computer science at Stanford University. After graduation, he first worked as a computer science researcher before venturing into the online games and promotions industry.

Rafael Furst was the co-founder of the Pick-em Sports business. Such business was established in 1996 wherein he and his business partner decided to incorporate promotional sports contests with the Internet. Despite the fact that such business was eating up most of his time, Rafael Furst still continued to play poker as a hobby.

It was in 1993 when Rafael Furst met Gordon in one of the casinos in San Jose, California. That fateful night allowed him and Gordon to bond and eventually became very good friends. When Rafael Furst decided to take time out from being an entrepreneur, he played poker more often and hung out with Gordon more often as well.

It was during that time when Rafael Furst became known as a professional poker player. This professional poker player did not only start to participate seriously in live poker events, but he also started to play poker on the Internet.

The first time that this professional poker player participated in a World Series of Poker event was in 2005. Such participation seemed to be a good exposure for him because in 2006, this professional poker player earned his first World Series of Poker bracelet. The event that he successfully participated in was the US$1,500 Pot-Limit Hold'em event.

This professional poker player has been continuously playing his favorite casino game. At the same time, he continues to be friends with Gordon. As a matter of fact, these professional poker players have set up a company they call